Part 2

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Part 2 (Stanzas 257 – 492)

Here is the continuation of the summary of the Ibong Adarna, one of popular readings assigned in Philippine Literature courses.

The brothers Don Pedro and Don Diego grab the Ibong Adarna from Don Juan. They bring it back to Berbania hoping to get credit for the feat. Unfortunately for them, the Ibong Adarna refuses to sing for the king.
Ibong Adarna, Buod sa Tagalog

With a mute Adarna and no favorite youngest son in sight, the king’s condition worsens.

Meanwhile, the badly beaten up Don Juan can hardly crawl. He prays to the Blessed Virgin Mary for help. Fortunately, an old person comes to his aid. Don Juan eventually recovers and goes back home to Berbania.

Upon his arrival, the Ibong Adarna sheds its feathers and begins to sing! It sings seven times. (It’s not clear whether it pooped at the end of its performance.)

Anyway, the king recovers from his illness. Since it was obvious that the two older brothers harmed their brother, King Fernando (after consulting with his council of advisers) orders Don Pedro and Don Diego into exile.

Don Juan, being the compassionate fellow that he is, asks his father not to punish his two brothers. The king accedes to Don Juan’s request.

King Fernando orders his three sons to guard the Ibong Adarna. He warns that anyone who allows the bird to escape will be executed.

During Don Juan’s watch, he falls asleep at dawn. Don Pedro frees the bird.

Don Juan wakes up later, and is surprised to see that the bird has escaped. He realizes that he will be put to death, so he heads for the hills.

King Fernando wakes up and discovers the bird is gone. He asks the two brothers about it, and they say it was Juan who watched the Ibong Adarna.

The king orders them to look for Don Juan.

Don Pedro and Don Diego find Don Juan in the mountain of Armenia. They decide not to return to Berbania because they were certain Don Juan would tell the king what really happened. They agree to just stay on the mountain.

One day, the three brothers find a deep well. Juan wanted to explore what lay at the bottom of the well, but Pedro (the eldest) says he should go down first.

They find a rope and they lower Don Pedro. After going down 30 feet, however, Don Pedro tugs on the rope signaling his wish to be pulled out of the well.

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